20 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. What great shot, Carin! What fascinating location were you speeding off to this time!? Please tell me this is not a current shot because there isn’t a whiff of snow anywhere!!!

    1. Taken last year or thereabouts. I think I may have been coming back from ‘the north’ or Lindsey or Peterborough… although this is not far from here.

    1. Oh, my god. Yes. Just clicked on yours. Love it! Did you take it yourself? [I won’t report you, promise. If you do the same for me.] It’s a tricky shot to get. I notice yours is in the country also. Can’t imagine doing this on the 401.

  2. That shadow looks like more than a shadow, it’s so clear. More like a doppelganger. Love the soft bluish hues, the wide open spaces, the blur of the background (sense of speed), the arc of blue in the sky (is that a trick of taking it out a window, Carin?) that echoes the shape of the car roof. This sings road trip to me … escape … and the promise of fun.

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