20 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. Yes, for me it’s the colour. So many branches down they begin to fade into the background. But not this one. S/he’s a spokesperson for the rest. “Ouch!” is their motto.

    1. Thanks, Cheryl. I think it’s willow. I had no idea they were so orange inside. Impossible to miss on a foggy day. And you’re right… it did feeling a little like it was screaming.

  1. Without reading any of the other comments (yet) I’ll say that there is something wonderfully “musical” about this shot. At first glance, when I clicked on, indeed I thought the elongated ripped-off branch surface was indeed a musical instrument… and that feeling just won’t go away, that this is somehow a strange winter song you’ve presented us, (and how beautifully composed).

    1. Oh how I love that thought! I’m trying to see it myself and can’t quite find the music in it, but that you can makes me very happy. This is what I love best about sharing these snaps… the surprises.

  2. I was going to comment about the beautiful colours, contrast of subtle and vivid, how I love that kind of weather… then I read all the other comments and realized it was really about damage and violence… then I read Barbara’s comment – noting that she had not read the comments – and saw that it was even more optimistic than mine, and felt “normal” again. Thanks, Barbara! And thanks, Carin, for yet another wonderful glimpse into your world!

    1. Yes, that’s the very best part, the many impressions. For me it was a matter of wonder, the surprise of that blast of colour in the midst of all that bleakness. It did feel a little like ‘sound’… I know what those commenters mean. And I love how what that sound translated to is different for each. Me too about the weather, Elizabeth. When the fog rolls in or the wind blows, the lake’s an exciting place to be. I envy you your ocean views!

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