15 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Ah, social commentary. You are very quick with your camera, Carin. I like the fact that the eye roams around the picture a second or two before the hand and cigarette catch one’s attention. It might get lost in a colour photo, so B&W’s a great choice. Can you quite believe people do this to our environment? No doubt this fellow will toss the butt out the window too. And the garbage they throw out of their cars! There’s a spot coming off Hwy 407 and turning onto Warden where there’s always a mess of fast-food bags and coffee cups. Really?? People drive by and think, “Hey, there’s a filthy mess. I might as well add to it”? It makes me so mad, and sad.

  2. First thought — THERE’S someone whose New Years resolution went more or less literally out the window. Great shot. And above comments remind me of a day when I saw a very long pink Cadillac pull into no parking spot in front of a drugstore. The car had one of those BC “Vanity” plates, this one saying VIP. The driver opened the door, emptied out the car ashtray, and drove off, leaving me, well, wordless. Thanks for making an appropriate comment here, at last!

    1. Oh, Barbara. You’ve hit a nerve there. I don’t understand the mechanics of any kind of littering, but that ashtray emptying thing… impossible to fathom. I haven’t seen anyone actually do it but I’ve seen the little piles. I wonder how they justify it? I think this is what I’d want to ask them. Just very sincerely curious, I’d say. As for your man’s VIP plate… am guessing it stands for Very Icky Person.

    2. And p.s. I thought the same thing when choosing the photo… that it kind of represented blown resolutions for someone. Though this snap was taken well before the new year and subsequent polar eclipse or whatever it’s called. (:

    1. What caught my attention was the hand flicking a cigarette into the ashtray of his world. As is so often the case, the rest of the picture (litter on the street, people’s expressions) was a surprise to me later. So we’ll go with open-ended, I think. (;

  3. Capturing that hand is perfect Carin. It says so much beyond what the picture would be otherwise and despite the weapon in the hand there is a certain humour to it – you could kill yourself many ways – smoking, traffic, pollution, anxiety…

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