wordless wednesday


 Images via photos taken of the film ‘Chicago, 2011’, by Sarah Morris

More about Sarah Morris’s work here. And here.


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22 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Carin, this is a stunning vignette! I am wordless! (well sort of). This duo really captures the movement and feeling and all with that wonderful light and shadow. Marvellous!

    1. Thanks, Allison! As mentioned, it was taken in a dark theatre inside a gallery in Chicago. Part of a documentary. Neglected to note the filmmaker. It was all various shots of the city, no audio, quite brilliant.
      I have no idea why the colouring is the way it is. I’m pretty sure this segment was shot in the very early morning, so a fluke of sunrise maybe?

    1. Ah, a trick question. Well, I *did* have my camera with me but it’s not a live shot. It’s from a documentary on Chicago that I watched in a gallery while visiting the city.

  2. Many questions raised by this! Sorry, but my first reaction was “the window-washer from Hell???” What a really amazing shot. I just hope you made it safely out of what looks like a moment in The Towering Inferno!!!

    1. Barbara, this is from a rather long doc I saw on Chicago at one of the museums. I sat in the dark and took [silent] un-flashed shots of the screen. These two were my favourites.

  3. I knew from the first shot that it was a window washer, but I like the way the two photos work together, giving a sense of action. Great silhouette and lighting and — wow — that molten gold colour, and I love the sparkle of the water running down the glass in the first, the path of the squeegee visible in the second. Who’d have thought a silhouette of a window cleaner could be so compelling? Nice, too, the way the window frame creates a border for your subject.

  4. Glad this was a ‘pair’ of shots because I wasn’t sure what I was looking at in the first. Love this lighting … sunrise or sunset or some other source that floods this scene with such mystery and drama, Carin?

    1. I shot the photo from a documentary about Chicago… part of the ‘City Self’ exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art. No flash. This was the colour of the image on the screen. From what I remember, I think this was the city just waking up, so the light would be some magnificent magic of sunrise. I had no idea how the shot would turn out but I quite like it. I’m going to try and find out the *filmmaker’s name.

      * Sarah Morris — the film is ‘Chicago, 2011’ http://www2.mcachicago.org/exhibition/city-self/
      (with thanks to the Museum of Contemporary Art for this info) http://mcachicago.org/

      More on her work here: http://www.petzel.com/artists/sarah-morris/

  5. Very interesting shot! Especially now that I’ve read the comments and see how you captured it. Love the color.

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