a gift from the fog

I like fog. Not when I’m driving. But for walking or looking, it’s quite wonderful. Often feels like a bit of a gift, like the day’s wrapped up inside it, to be opened slowly.
This is how it was at the beach the other morning.
Not much showing.
And then I see this.
An anonymous note left for anyone to find is one of my favourite things.
It’s an open letter about the power of believing and the importance of tuning out the naysayers, but it’s not preachy or long-winded or written with any kind of guru on the mountain vibe… just a slice of someone’s sweet, but not in any way saccharine, heart.

Yes to fog.

Boo to naysayers.

6 thoughts on “a gift from the fog

    1. When you wake up and see it, it’s like catching nighttime half asleep… I have some great fog memories/stories. I understand how you’d miss it.

    1. Mostly things about the power of believing. I should have wrote down a few excerpts and shared them here. Ah, well, here’s to happy found messages for all…

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