27 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Now how on EARTH!!!!???? That’s a stunner! And gives the old rhyme (“Red sky in the morning, Shepherds take warning…!) a really ominous slant! Great photo. I’m eager to know how you did that. Meanwhile just enjoying (and replaying) the instant hit of “OHH!!!” every time I click on.

    1. Well I tinkered a bit didn’t I…

      The real sky was washed out and I thought that was a shame because I liked the picture (sheep dog trials in Kingston), so… I tinkered. But only with the sky colour. I heightened the intensity overall, just a tad (which accounts for the turquoise and the field flowers being kind of luminescent), then added the purple. I’m delighted it made you go “oh!” That was exactly its purpose! (:

  2. What’s fascinating about this is that the colours aside from the sky seem relatively natural, so that playful pink sky is VERY unexpected and striking. Somehow it makes the trees look almost cut out and pasted on. I like the composition here too, the sheep creating a casual but still dynamic line across the shot. Just noticed the dog as well. And who’s the woman — is she herding or photographing?

    1. The she is a he and he’s the shepherd. (Plenty of she shepherds though.) And it’s his dog. Through different whistles, he tells the dog to take the sheep left or right or straight ahead, or to separate certain ones from the flock, etc. It’s quite something to watch. A two day event. I know. Hard to believe there’s an excitement factor, but there is. That and a picnic lunch!

  3. What fun Carin! I love your tinkering – just adds an element of whimsey. And what is that sign on the left hand side?

    1. That’s the ‘clock’, essentially. Each event has a time component, as well as oodles of ‘finesse’ components. The dogs don’t realize any of this of course. They only recognize the ‘get the sheep where they need to be’ component…

    1. The shot was intensified overall, but the only fake colour is the sky. That in itself seems to have made all the others pop a bit. Interesting how the eye/mind works. If I remove the purple but leave everything else as is, it’s not nearly as vibrant. But thank you!

  4. This might possibly be my favourite of all your photos yet, which is saying something since there are many of them that I have loved. I might, of course, change my mind about which is my favourite if I revisited them all but right now this one is definitely it.

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