19 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Ah, mysterious and lovely — requiring a close second, third and fourth look and still left in mystery — ghost shapes appearing in the garden…or reflections…or misty half-formed thoughts as the artist gazes out the window…? And such a vibrant leafy green, so crisply parsed by white window frames. Brilliant.

    1. Yes, reflection. But I like ‘misty half-formed thoughts’ too.

      I took the picture as I sat at a white-clothed table in a restaurant. Between courses, or while waiting for the wine probably. A separate table is in the background. But I liked the dreamy quality, the half inside/half outside feel. The closest I’ve come to seeing myself as a garden gnome.

  2. Well said, Barbara. Carin, there’s something so contemplative about this image, and at the same time it’s full of promise, like an open door to adventure. Are the ghost shapes created from reflections, or a double-exposure, or with software magic?

    1. No magic. No ghosts. All reflection. Meant to inspire same. (:
      I love that you find it contemplative. This is the great thing… the pleasure of all this for me… finding out what ‘other people’ see.
      Thanks so much, Mary Ann!

  3. Another rogue arm in a window. It reminds me of an earlier wordless Wednesday. The layers in this restful yet mysterious image remind me that more always exists than first meets the eye. I like the dreaminess of it, and the way you provoke curiosity. Leslie

    1. I thought of that, actually. The ‘other’ arm. I hope there’s not a theme brewing…
      Your comments are exactly the mood I’d hoped the picture might inspire. Thank you!

  4. I have this vision of you gazing lovingly out that sunny window and admiring your garden as you prepare a dish to serve something delicious and freshly picked. Am I even close? Doesn’t matter. I love my vision either way. Great story shot!

    1. You’ve almost got it right. I was waiting for the wine/food to arrive at On The Twenty in Jordan Station. (;

      Now I’ve blown the story opps, haven’t I?

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