15 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Did you have your favourite marker warming your pocket? Did you Hopscotch? Great selfie here, Carin! D. found a box of sidewalk chalk while cleaning the garage. Guess what we’ll do next visit …

    1. LOVED hopscotch. Don’t lose that chalk! (;
      (p.s. favourite ‘marker’ was a bit of chain; an inch or two of the kind that attached to a bathroom plug was ideal; no bouncing, good for accuracy)

    1. I used to love playing hopscotch. But we drew ours with chalk and they had 10 spaces. Another pair, another single, and then a circle at the top into which one jumped and turned around (all on one foot) and leaned down to pick up one’s ‘throwing thingie’ (still on one foot) only to start all over again. Geez, even just talking about it has me all jazzed for a game…

  2. I like the way the B&W emphasizes the lines and the shadow looming over the squares. I can’t decide if it has a melancholy feel, like the adult shadow is remembering wistfully, or a playful feel, like she is about to jump into an imaginary game. Either way the composition is dynamic, the shadow falling over the squares at that angle. As so many of your photos, it looks deceptively simple — but it offers much to think about.

    1. I considered making it B&W, but I kind of like the ‘real’ tones of the pavement. Makes it so much easier to imagine skinning a knee. (As for the photographer… nothing wistful happening here; I do believe I did some hopping after the shot.) (;

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