16 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. What fun to scroll down, past palm trees and luminous reflections … and discover the central characters of this tale right at the bottom, discussing whether or not to risk taking a dive! Lovely whimsical shot.

  2. Oh, gorgeous! I love the colours and the light and the shimmering water, and then, as Barbara, the ducks. They are a funny surprise that acts like a punctuation and a gloss and a whole different perspective on the scene.

    1. Yes, well, they were a funny surprise when I arrived for a morning dip. We became friends eventually. But I suspect they’ll ‘friend’ anyone…

  3. What a perfect composition, and the colours are lovely. I’ll bet that someone’s job description includes alternating the chairs every morning: yellow, blue, yellow, blue.

    1. Ha! I’ll bet you’re right. Actually, one morning I was totally absorbed watching a man tidy the poolside towel shelves; someone had apparently mixed the blue and white striped ones with the yellow and white. (Egad! Imagine the horror!) But the brilliant thing was how intent he was on this task and how he did it so beautifully, almost mathematically, moving things back and forth, shuffling and pondering. There were more of one colour than the other so he had to create some kind of symmetry and you could almost see the wheels turn as he worked out how to make it all fit in a pleasing way… like a terrycloth Rubik’s Cube…

  4. Love the element of surprise in this one. The pool scene is lovely enough with the blues of sky and water, and the clear reflection of everything in the water’s surface — but those little feathered visitors, enjoying the pool all to themselves… Priceless. I like that they’re both in exactly the same position, cleaning their feathers. And for some reason it tickled me that they’re positioned right by the depth marking. That seems another justaposition, because they’re so tiny.

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