18 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Long shadows in jackets … so, a late afternoon walking-the-dog kinda stroll on a cool and windy (noted the dog’s fur being fluffed) but sunny day? Great WW story-telling pic, Carin!

    1. How very Nancy Drew of you! You got it all except the time of day. It’s morning not afternoon. But you obviously know about low sun positions. Clever nature girl that you are!

  2. More shadowy hi-jinx from Ms. Magtree! And I have stared and stared trying to figure out exactly where YOU were when you took the picture, who the dog-leash arm belongs to, clearly someone facing you, why that does not show in the shadow, why the shadow of the leash does not quite correspond with the real thing in the foreground throwing that shadow, and much much more! But very nice. Love the doggy’s inquisitive and willing ears.

    1. All that staring amounts to a meditation, surely. Are you feeling relaxed yet? (:

      I’m the one in the middle. I see what you mean about the real hand/leash not jibing with the shadow version. A trick of angles I suppose. I took the shot after meeting a neighbour on a walk. The puppy’s a little sweetie. Very happily sits down until human chatter has ended and he can get back to the business of smelling the world… (Another trick of light and angles: the person to my right, holding the leash, is actually a bit shorter than me yet looks much taller here. Weird.)

  3. You’ve nailed it again with your black and white shots, Carin. How wonderful having ‘real life’ put a hand into your shadowy world and the dog offers the perfect counterpoint of whimsy! And, I love that the dog is looking back on the scene!

  4. Here’s to you . Amazing ! How you can see so far ahead of what is in sight at the moment . You amaze me with your foresight . .

  5. Only you could come up with so many creative ways to photograph shadows, each telling a story. I like that we don’t know who exactly the two people are, and that the dog appears to be examining his own shadow. And it feels a bit like a brain tease — the way the hand is holding the leash but it’s not clear where that hand is in the shadows. I get the sense of cool weather but sunshine, and the happiness that comes from walking a pup on such a fine day.

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