13 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Woweeeee, does this ever take me back! How poignant to see a tractor, a swing set, a slide, in that field where once the likes of John Travolta cavorted (for some reason I particularly think of “Grease” — that must have been a special date!) — and to think that all that action now can take place on a “field” the size of an i-phone screen. Marvellous evocative shot.

    1. I can’t remember a single film I saw at a drive-in. And not for the reason you might be thinking… I was just very young. As in pyjamas and asleep after the cartoons young. I went as a teenager too, and older once, but the films still escape me. I mostly remember fussing with the thingy you hung in your window (of which this place has ancient relics!) and the way the lights in the concession place were always so weirdly bright.

    1. I think there’s another in the Niagara area somewhere. This one’s in Prince Edward County. It doesn’t look it, but I believe it’s still running. They even have a FB page that says they’re closed for the season and will be back in May of 2015.

  2. No kidding! Packing into the trunk of the car to sneak into the drive-in! (Not me who got claustrophobia!) “Popcorn, popcorn, everyone for popcorn”! There’s still one in BC too in Salmon Arm I think.

  3. This really brings back memories, Carin. In Kingston we lived in a house that backed onto some wooded church property, and behind that was the drive-in. When we were too young to go ourselves, my dad would take us (“Gone with the Wind” was the first film we saw there), and a little later, we’d hang out with kids on a hill in the woods and watch for free, without sound (till the cops chased us away, as they did eventually every night). And then, in our teen years, the drive-in played a huge role in our social lives … so many stories centred on it: funny, romantic, sad. The sky in this shot is stunning. And it’s sort of disconcerting to see the drive-in screen in broad daylight — not quite as magical as it felt at night. But, oh, I remember the play sets at its base for the younger kids, just as seen here. Thanks for this bit of nostalgia!

    1. This one is in PEC, Allyson. The Mustang Drive-In. Love hearing that it brings back memories for you. Drive-ins seem to evoke strong feelings… I wonder how they compare with ‘cinema’ memories? I’m guessing the outdoor versions are more ‘colourful’. Something about freedom… and the excitement of cars.

  4. I love the unusual composition of this photo, the blank white rectangle bang in the middle – so unusual, so evocative. There’s a functioning drive-in cinema in Shediac NB too – only in summer. I don’t think I ever actually went to a drive in though, and now I’m wondering why. I do remember that my sister Katie and I once hitched a ride with a transport truck driver from Quebec who invited us to go to the drive in with him, in his truck! But we didn’t go.

    1. Good instincts! (Cannot imagine this guy and his truck would be popular, or even welcome, at a drive-in, unless there was a back row for Big Rigs. I wonder if the drive-in invite was merely a ruse, that that’s not where he would have taken you at all… Am shuddering at my own suspicions.)

      VERY glad you declined.

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