10 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. I can still almost imagine the smell of spring as a kid, riding my bike, wet gardens and lawns waking up. I don’t suppose much has changed really. (;

  1. I can just picture the little rider of this bike hurling it down … running into the kitchen … pouring herself a glass of lemonade and tearing back out to continue her joyous summer day! What a lovely evocative story this tells!

    1. Yes, exactly! Lemonade and running shoes. And that snow shovel; someone’s not quite sure if it should be put away. Such pessimism! I much prefer the attitude of the bike rider! (:

  2. Such a statement! Great ride, but I’m done now and I kinda put my bike away – ok, maybe it’s in the way a bit, but I’ve got other things to do!

  3. Such a sweet and touching photo. There’s something about the contrasting scales of the garage door and the tiny bicycle…

    1. Yes, and the way it’s leaning against the door, as if placed in a child’s version of ‘carefully’ rather than abandoned on the pavement. Pity about the colour though…

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