questions or answers

I like the idea of a survey, asking people what they think when they walk.

I suppose the answers would depend on the day, the places walked.

The people.
Do things remind them of other things? Similar things, different? Does the looking cause remembering… of a first date, a mad uncle, the snippet of a story forgotten, with just the snippet remaining?

DSC02375Do they see questions?DSC02376

Or answers…


Maybe they look around and see nothing.


Maybe they only see what they want to see.

Or maybe it’s exactly the opposite.


I wonder how many people in this city
live in furnished rooms.
Late at night when I look out at the buildings
I swear I see a face in every window
looking back at me,
and when I turn away
I wonder how many go back to their desks
and write this down.

‘I Wonder How Many People in This City’, by Leonard Cohen

6 thoughts on “questions or answers

  1. Depends on my mood. I walk every afternoon. Wouldn’t know where to begin to address the question.

    But tell me, where did you take these interesting pictures?

    1. A small town east of here. Bowmanville. All these doors were on the main street; pictures taken on a fifteen minute walk, among cute shops, bakeries, banks and restaurants. The kind of thing you don’t notice, until you do. Hidden in plain sight sort of.

  2. I’d have to say I see questions. I walk the same route nearly every day and I see no doors, only openings into the woods. But when I walk in cities or towns, I’m always curious about the people who live behind the windows and doors I pass. Everybody has a story. I want to know what happens in the private hall.

    1. Questions where there are doors and houses, yes, me too. I love the possibilities, am curious but enjoy the ‘imagining’ almost as much as wanting to know the who and how and what. But you raise an interesting thought… that when walking in natural settings, I find it’s less about questions… seems that’s where the answers are. Or at least the arrows to them.

      (as for that private hall, I’m inclined to leave that door closed) (;

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