17 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. So much said with so little Carin. I see you dreamily lying on the grass staring up at that beautiful sky.

  2. EXQUISITE!!! I could gaze for ages at that feathery cloudy blue and white sky, those feathery branches just peeking at the side … and the silhouette of the dark hill with very small hinted-at silhouetted shapes. This is a winner!

    1. Gazing, yes. What skies are made for I’m sure. I keep wanting to study clouds, the various kinds and what they mean, but every time I look up I get stuck in that position. Hard to read. (;

  3. Pingback: Cheryl Andrews
  4. Lovely cloud formations — almost like jigsaw puzzle pieces. Here’s to more dreamy outdoor sprawling. Carin, no one captures the sky quite like you do. As I’ve said, I certainly notice it more now, because of you, than I ever did before. This shot makes me smile.

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