9 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. A yellow gnome, hiding from a brilliant yellow sky! A sky-phobic little gnome? Sweet little chap, I’m glad he’s found such a perfect place to hide while he ponders the stresses of growing up and facing things…!
    Lovely picture. I can imagine a sweet children’s story in your mind as you “captured” this little fellow!

  2. Here’s the thing: for me, it’s not about the hydrant. It’s about the apples at its base…. and where the (bleepbleepbleep) did they come from?? Or so was my question as I happened upon the sight. And then… I back up. Waaay across the street. And I see the apple tree. Does anyone else see the apple tree? Or is it just a mirage for me and me alone…? Because that’s okay too. (bleepbleepbleep)

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