12 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Poignant! And yes… Still time for more road hockey before the snow flies! I’m glad the net has not been retired to the basement. I think someone was raking it free in order to lug it back onto the street, but then got called in for a peanut butter sandwich. Yes? Perfect late autumn moment you’ve caught there.

  2. I love the juxtaposition here of the road hockey net and the rake (rather than a stick). Based on the leaves, it’s clear the season’s almost over, but there’s a hopefulness to this shot — maybe one more game? There’s something about the colour tone here that feels not of this time, as if it were taken with an older camera or film, though of course the shot could be one taken in any neighbourhood in Canada right about now.

    1. That’s what caught my eye too! The ‘not quite this nor that’ of the mood and almost Freudian placement of the rake. Made me smile. Taken a couple of weeks ago. Curious to go by again and see if the leaves are gone and the stick’s come out…

  3. I like the way Christmas is foreshadowed in this quintessentially autumnal scene: the bright red and green, the colourful baubles (can’t tell what they are exactly) hanging from the net, a hint of white around the edges that may be a dusting of snow or just an effect of the light.

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