15 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Of course I’m wondering whose kitchen and where (Scugog, I see, but beyond that?). It seems it might be a group kitchen of some sort — in a community centre or church or group home? Safety first: the fire extinguisher on the wall. What makes this photo intriguing, aside from that pastel blue on the cabinets, is all the details the viewer takes in: the tissues on the counter, and the coffee filter ready for use; the tea towels hanging on the oven handle. And is that the handle of a fly swatter at left? Then there’s the bulletin board jam-packed with calendar and signs and notes. Is the Township sign meant to be humorous? What point is “past the point of intoxication”? It’s a pristine kitchen, at any rate. This photo piques my curiosity (as it’s meant to do)!

  2. Drat, my comment just got eaten by a gremlin. Can I ever recapture those immortal words?

    I feel I’m peering into a kitchen in a short story, though not sure by whom. Such a sense of conscious retro-ness here, a sense of self(s). With a sense of humour of a sort. Nb. the dire drink-serving memo on the wall. Ah, but then the “hands” calendar. So, lots of seriousness of purpose along with a certain strived for lightness of spirit. Dang it all, there IS a story here!

    But I’ll have to give up guessing and quote Butch Cassidy instead. “Who ARE these people?”. I love the picture, I love the way you’ve caught all this … but I’m not entirely sure I’d “love” the inhabitants. Such cleanliness!

    1. I know what you mean. The image that comes to mind from this scene is many women who fulfilled a community role and made tasty squares and brewed not bad coffee, but who never got close to their true potential. And something about that keeps a permanent twist in their aprons…

  3. Something about this looks like a dollhouse to me. I can see it’s not because of the signs (unless the dollhouse maker has a very particular sense of humour) but it all feels sort of miniature and perfect in its colours and detail. I guess it’s also the way the room feels complete and self contained, yet entirely open and visible from outside.

    1. You must have some interesting doll houses in NL! Anyway, it’s not. Nor miniature even. It’s a full-sized kitchen in the basement of a once-upon-a-time Legion hall, now community centre. But wouldn’t it be grand if dollhouses *were* made with a sense of humour (and drinks limits). (;

    1. That’s exactly what it is! (But why am I hanging out in Legion Hall basements you may well ask… although no one’s asking) (Answer anyway: women’s shelter work; for which I’m grateful; how else to happen upon such turquoise loveliness?)

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