9 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Hmmm … Under a gigantic tree limb, I see a red bucket, blue tarp, folding chair and … is that a head and foot board? Dunno? A mystery for the reveal – yes?

  2. A blue tarp (?), a folding chair, the head-and-foot boards of an old bed … a red apple on a bough, ah wilderness were paradise enough!
    My story is that someone (or ones) was/were camping here, the tarp above in a clever arrangement using the bough, a foamy below, and the bed-boards…? Symbolic? You’ve got me there Carin — a lovely complex and thought provoking thought and very satisfying to let the eye wander over and dream.

  3. Happened upon this scene in a neighbourhood not far from my place. A factory is nearby and I wondered if someone tarted up a bit of outdoor space to take their breaks in. If so, I applaud their instincts. Story-wise, I’d call it: Step Into My Office… premise being someone who went crazy on the assembly line and found sanity in the madness of an alternate universe, aka: nature.

  4. I think it might be a little oasis created by a homeless person. A very tiny bit of comfort and personal space in a harsh world.

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