wordless wednesday (with words)

Sometimes the sky does this early morning madness


that makes me drop everything and run outside,
down the street and into the darkness of the ravine


where for a moment (only a moment)


I think about the coyotes


and then I don’t think about them


because surely they’re looking up too.


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17 thoughts on “wordless wednesday (with words)

  1. Beautiful!!

    Saw the sky too just before the magic gave way to a “regular” morning.

    Thanks for the lovely post!


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  2. What rich, mesmerizing shots, Carin. It doesn’t seem possible the sky could offer such a variety of colours and patterns, does it? I’ve told you before — I notice the sky more often now because of your photography. (Sometimes I look up and think, “Carin would love these clouds/colours,” etc. I love the words that accompany this series too — the image of coyotes looking up at the same sky. You poet, you.

  3. Mmmmmm! And — I can’t resist — trying my best to do a wild coyote yipping chorus. Because I am sure that if they are looking up, they will be serenading this magnificent display with song!
    Thank you. what a panoply of magnificence.

    1. I hear those yips at night sometimes. Have been told it means they’re celebrating a meal but I like your group singalong version better. About the panopoly — not strictly in keeping with the rules, I know. Exciting though… like colouring outside the lines. Feeling all rebel with a cause… (:

    1. Nothing trumps that sight. Not breakfast, not meditation, not a lack of proper ‘outdoor clothes’… (I know, I know… if I’ meditating how do I see out the window?? *ahem*)

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