10 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Oh what a lovely juxtaposition of colour and squares and rectangles Carin. I love the way those bits of weeds creep up over the purple, just making sure a bit of nature finds it’s way into the concrete jungle.

    1. Allison, you’ve got it! It’s really a shot of the weeds. I love them too. And they will ALWAYS win. (Constantly amazes/impresses me how, when a building or empty lot is abandoned for even the shortest time, nature just moves right in. It’s ever present, lurking, laughing at us, surely, for ever thinking that we’re in charge…)

  2. Like a mirage! Hard to tell what is real and what is either reflection or, well, fantasy! And what a merry “play on colour”. Nicely done. A city-scape of dreamy possibility.

    1. I like the idea of a mirage… thanks for that. And fantasy, yes, exactly. Sometimes all that chaos of buildings downtown makes me want to laugh with the absurdity of it. But then we humans are an endless source of amusement, n’est pas?

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