9 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Why did the chicken-hawk cross the road?
    What a fine fellow he is, whichever type of hawk. I love that one whoosh of movement in the absolutely still surroundings,
    I hope he looked both ways! Marvellous.

    1. This is one of those happy surprises. I can’t begin to imagine what I was actually taking a photo of… as you can see it’s not breathtaking countryside. But for whatever reason I pointed the camera and while the background (not moving) is blurry, this magical bird appeared and (though moving) came out clearer than anything else. That’s what I love about the shot. The tiny little miracle-ness of it.

      But you raise an excellent point. I wonder if we’ll EVER know about chickens (and kin) and roads and crossings. Ah, sweet avian mysteries!

  2. The tiny miracle-ness of it, indeed. Don’t you love that when you finally look at a shot you took and realize something was there that you didn’t even notice at the time. I like that the bird is almost out of the frame, as if he’s almost escaped being caught in the photo — but not quite! Yes, and his movement against the stillness of the rest of the scene.

  3. And, what lovely creature did you capture here mid-flight, Carin? This looks like a roadtrip on the back roads of ‘somewhere’ … east coast perhaps?

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