21 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. I’m not sure WHICH are most cool, the art or those wonderful old door. And the setting of course, the hay bales, the old barn wood behind the show. I got out my magnifying glass, and it seem to me that most (maybe all) of the art pieces are actually interesting “nature photography” which give this shot an extra layer of the “meta”, very cool indeed. Wherever did you come on this Carin?

  2. Oh Wow! What a wonderful idea, and wonderful that you captured it! I like the fact that the paintings are hung overlapping doors and not completely symmetrical.

    1. Allison, I liked that too! The asymmetry. Such a small thing but I think it makes all the difference in how we see the paintings. And the doors. (Of course it could be they were just sloppy hangers!)

  3. As an old door aficionado, it’s definitely the doors that capture my attention here. I can imagine appreciating an exhibit of nothing but old doors and windows against white walls or old brick walls, with lots of space between them so that they can be fully enjoyed in themselves. But I wonder what’s it like to experience this exhibit close up. Do the doors and the paintings interact together and affect each other?

    1. I would pay to see that exhibit, Leslie. It’s all about the doors for me in this shot. Even with old, abandoned houses, I’m always looking at the doors, wondering who went in and out… (I can barely recall the artwork)

      1. I don’t know. I do love doors in general, and these ones in particular, but I also really like the way the pictures and the doors are juxtaposed here and the overall effect of all the rectangles of colour and texture. And the pipes – or whatever they are – in behind, also add something texturally and compositionally.

        1. Or is it just light getting in through the cracks that makes the background look metallic and like a row of pipes?

  4. Such an unusual exhibit: the doors, of course, with their range of colours and imagined history, but also the nature paintings and the way they’re arranged overlapping the doors rather than each to a door. Then we notice the hay bale and uneven wall boards. We’re in a barn? Absolutely fascinating. Where did you take this shot?

  5. What an extraordinary way to put up an art exhibition .. not only are the painting on show, but those doors are fabulous. I agree with Allyson this is a fascinating photo from first impact on.

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