12 thoughts on “wordless wednesday, with words (one of which starts with ‘w’)

    1. This is precisely the way they WANT you to see it! (:
      (it’s not a roof at all, but light shining through a greenhouse in the night; a greenhouse full of pots in the singular) (ain’t Canada grand?)

  1. It’s a barracks where flax is being spun into gold. Lots of flax, lots of gold. That accounts for the light–and the barbed wire? (Don’t mind me. Immersed in fairy tales just now.)

  2. Ok – since you noted the barbed wire, I’m wondering about a prison? If so, you’ve managed to convey beauty in what would be a painful place.

    1. The barbed wire is actually to prevent people from getting IN. It’s a greenhouse full of marijuana plants. It was glowing like something alien had landed and I stopped to take a photo of what I thought was just another greenhouse working overtime on a winter’s evening.

  3. Well clearly it ain’t the Whistle Stop Cafe — so, starts with W? Wolf-pen for wandering weevil-eating wrong-doers? Other words that come to mind are “woeful”, “wretched”, oh, hey, and “Waltzing Matilda???” I get it! It’s a holding spot for homesick footballers from Oz who sing loudly at all hours.

  4. Very mysterious, Carin. I like the vertical and horizontal lines — the fence, the wires, the stop sign, and of course that shining roof. Is it metallic? Or are there skylights and lights on inside? It’s very nondescript, but the fence suggests someplace protected — people not allowed in … or alternatively, not allowed out! I’m wondering if the Stop sign is symbolic in some way?

    1. It’s a weed factory.
      Wheeeee’d factory.
      We’d (oui’d) factory?

      (The stop sign is only symbolic if you want it to be!) (:

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