17 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. What a satisfying scene, engaging so many of the senses. The smells of the reeds and grasses and sun-drying wood, the lapping of the water, the urge to RUN down that path…and then??? This is really lovely, so inviting, and beautifully composed.

    1. At the end of the path is a pond. And you are welcome to leap right in and join the ducks and geese. Though most people use a canoe. xo

  2. Ahhhh … where ever did you find this beautiful boardwalk, Carin? Fabulous pov and comp, but the tones you selected make it absolutely magical.

  3. I have a thing about photos of bridges and boardwalks, paths and roads disappearing into the distance. Love them! This is wonderful — the texture of the walkway and how it beckons, the composition with emphasis on the path and not what’s at the end of it, the colour palette, the teasing hint of water. It looks more like a painting than a photo. I can smell autumn.

  4. Yup, another one to love! This is such a wonderful classic example of the eye (and the foot) taking you into the scene, yearning to move forward and yet wanting to never reach the end with always more to look forward to.

  5. Your composition is brilliant, Carin. The horizon a strong, thin line at the top makes the boardwalk feel like a stairway to heaven. And the colours are so rich and warm I really feel like I’m in it.

    1. Thanks, Leslie. I considered cropping it even tighter at the top so you wouldn’t see where the boardwalk ends but I kind of like that it ends. This is a piece of marshland that the community fought vehemently to save from builders. There is a main road, and subdivisions too, not far from here, also the lake on the south side and acres of untouched woodland, shoreline and marsh in every other direction. But still, a road, housing… I’m forever in awe of how wildlife copes, how they manage despite us. (Very popular, this area, with migrating, and other, birds.)

      1. It reminds me a lot of Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary in Victoria, which is almost completely surrounded by roads and houses, yet still supports an amazing number of species. It’s a miracle how other species thrive in spite of our constant onslaughts. I’m glad your community was able to save this marshland.

        1. Now that you mention it I’m reminded of another in Calgary, called Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, also tucked into a neighbourhood. I don’t know its history but I suspect it, and others, are little blips of similarly ‘saved’ land. Always blows my mind that developers don’t give a fig about the land they’re razing. Except to recognize what they bulldozed by naming the new subdivision after it: Come Enjoy the *Rolling Meadows* (Forest View, Deer Valley, etc.) Lifestyle… from only $400,000…

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