7 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Oh Carin, what a treasure! There is nothing like spotting a robin in the spring and your treatment of this shot is lovely!

  2. This makes me think of the wonderful moment in The Wizard of Oz when everything turns into technicolour! How joyous. Also reminds me of a “player piano” that a friend had in her house when we were little, that automatically played “The Robin’s Return”. Lots of arpeggios! This is a wonderful shot.

  3. Oh, hey, Carin! That’s a Robin! This year of the stubborn winter I almost forgot what they look like … sweet thing with the sweetest song! True harbinger of the seasonal shift from winter to spring. Hope! Thank you! Keeping a steady eye for my first sighting now that you given me the ‘bearings’.

  4. Spot the robin! Love it. This is a sweet photo with a hint of humour. Aren’t we all desperately searching for signs of robins and spring colour after the monochromatic winter? My eye is imagining that square growing slowly larger and larger, spreading colour as the snow around it melts. If I knew how to create a .gif, that would be a terrific spring one. :)

  5. Brilliant! What an imaginative way to edit that photo. I really love the things you do with colour and contrast.

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