reel life, fer real

When you’re driving after dinner along Queen West in Toronto with friends from out of town,
DSC05499and the whole time they are so excited
DSC05500about showing you a music video supposedly shot in New York but which is really Toronto because look there… look!   they say (more exclaim than say).
DSC05501And they point to a dot on the screen where there’s a flash of orange Beck taxicab— they go back a few frames in case you missed it
DSC05502and then a building,  See that building?  They rewind again and you turn again to face the backseat, you squint at the screen and they say, all kinds of proud, that they recognized it as Toronto the first time they saw the video.

The very first time.

They say again how much they love Toronto. They just love it.
DSC05505The cab comes up in the video again and then a hotel interior — is it the King Eddy, they ask. The Royal York? It looks like an oldy worldy hotel hallway. We shrug, we have no idea. We sleep in our house.
DSC05507And so it goes, for the entire journey along Queen amid all that hum and drang, sturm and thrum night time light show… past a million faces and a full moon… all you’re looking at is this tiny screen with recurring flashes of Beck taxi fender… and that building… the one that isn’t in New York…

Because they love Toronto!

And isn’t that what you love to hear.

DSC05509All of this to say…
DSC05511that none of these pictures were taken on Queen Street.

4 thoughts on “reel life, fer real

    1. Am thinking of finding a video to watch should I ever be driven around their neck of the woods. There could well be much pleasure in this ‘reel’ version of things!

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