10 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. First impression–reflection of trees–had me seeing birds, and I wondered where you’d been to have seen these beauts.

  2. Fishies! Brings wonderful new meaning to the term ‘coy aka Koi’, Carin. These beautiful and delicate creatures certainly are alluring.

  3. Such a fine balance of brilliant colour and muted reflection, and a sense of movement and engagement with those fish as well. Do they sense treats, as the shadow of the observer falls among them? I suspect they do.

    1. They must have figured out ‘shadow = food (potentially)’ by now. The certainly don’t seem to give a fig about the coins.

    1. They live in a beautiful old greenhouse conservatory in downtown Toronto. A wondrous and peaceful oasis indeed. What is it about fish? Peacefulness-wise, I mean.

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