good morning, moon


A crescent of bright over my 6 a.m. house… the rest of the moon is muted but visible. A single star in the still black sky. The picture didn’t turn out.
Doesn’t matter, I can still see it, can still feel the 6 a.m. chill on my face.

Went back inside to make tea and sit in the darkness for a bit. Friday has a different feel, not as frantic… that welcome to the weekend vibe.

dsc07712I thought about the week past and it was a lovely one too. Not that it didn’t have its glitches, like all weeks. Not that it was especially lovelier than any other week. It’s the thinking that makes it… and why some weeks are thought about and others aren’t who knows.

This one included a visit with an old friend who showed me a list she’d been keeping all summer. Whenever she picked tomatoes she’d note the day and the weight. Total: 18 lbs. from a single plant. It’s madness, right?  she said. Tempted to answer possibly…  but then no, there’s something important about lists, beautiful even. A way of noticing the details…

Another visit with a not so old friend, a happy surprise, the delight of chat.

dsc07703A loaf of fresh baked bread that I cannot stop eating with my own garden tomatoes. And onions from the market.

The potatoes I’ve been digging up and boiling straightaway. There’s no other way to eat fresh-from-the-dirt spuds.

A cup of coconut milk matcha latte, which makes me sound like a prig but, honestly, I consume almost no priggish things. Except this. It started in summer at Starbucks (a place I almost never go except to meet a certain friend—please blame/thank her for this addiction). Anyway, the stuff is so delicious I ask every tea shop I visit now if they can make it. The results vary but that’s become not the point… if it turns out well, yay, but the best part, really, is that people are cheerfully game to give it a whirl and I love the collaborative approach that sometimes happens and how I end up happy no matter how the actual drink comes out.

Laundry weather one day. Rain the next. Balance.

The decision to paint a frame lemon yellow. The soon to be new home to a painting of green apples.

dsc07710The way the morning light has crept into my living room while I’ve been making this list.

The chickadees and finches at the feeder that I can never get a clear shot of.

The colour out there.

The view from here.

dsc07719Did I miss anything?





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