11 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Finally I get a chance to share this tidbit. Foolscap is called that because this type of loose leaf paper was originally watermarked with a court jester’s cap. Did you know?
    I’ve been bursting with wanting to tell someone! Thank you, MM.

  2. This is an exquisite minimalist photo MM! Black and white is the perfect tool for its presentation. No, I didn’t know about Foolscap! It looks like it’s all set for the writer in you.

    1. It’s our wonderful local library. I was sad when, years ago, they replaced the existing old-fashioned and compact one with this glass edifice, but it’s a brilliant space and of course I love it now.

  3. I love looking outwards, as if from your eyes (I suppose that’s always the case with any photo but there is such a strong awareness of it here) and into the chiaroscuro and all those lines and angles.

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