7 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. This photo, to me, is a very significant one Carin – in that you are recording, in very creative way I might add, a commentary on many issues – foremost waste! It speaks to our post-industrial habit of moving on when things are perceived to be on no more use. The subject matter itself, is beautifully organized and situated and your colour treatment is spot on. And of course, the graffiti – is it telling us to fuck off on our way out the door?

    1. hahaha! Yes, I suspect it’s doing just that. Also, I love the way your brain works. The way we move on so casually… from what is ‘perceived’ to have no value. (By those with no vision.) (Alternatively… see Cheryl’s visiony comment below.)

  2. I immediately wonder how this wonderful space could be repurposed? That is a stone building, right? If the fuel tanks have been removed (I think it’s a law) what a great open garden/market space it would make.

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