9 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Which side would you like to sit on? Watch for slivers! I love this Carin (as you likely knew I would!) The funny thing is that the picnic table looks like it would be out in the woods somewhere, or at a summer cabin, long neglected. But I see a sidewalk, cultivated garden and freshly cut grass. Is there a budget for other things but not picnic table upkeep? Do tell! As usual you have a great eye:)

    1. It was in a park, tho’ I’m not sure I’d be bold enough to sit on it without a splinter resistant pillow (also to break the fall should that happen). The things ‘they’ don’t find money for, true enough. (Do NOT get me started on absent garbage bins.) What I loved about this though was how it’s made, the whole logs used instead of two by fours. Made me think of my dad and the one he built for our yard, which lasted centuries. Well, many years… (:

  2. Poor brave and bold thing … once beautiful, once loved, perhaps. Think of the family gatherings it probably hosted once upon a time. Did you find this on the curb somewhere, Carin?

    1. No, not a cast off at all. Found it ready, willing and able to take your order in a wee park. All it needs is a red and white check cloth, no?

    1. I’m happy to know it’s loved (it must be well made, as this one is). It’s almost impossible to be unhappy in the company of a picnic table.

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