10 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. For one (glorious?) moment I thought it said “ANGEL Parking).
    Even without the promise of a Manifestation this is a great catch. How the reflected power lines echo the parking arrows, how the upright lines of window and drainpipe balance one another, how the reflected house and tree give a sense of openness to balance the “blunt” feeling of the splendid brick wall. All so satisfying.

    1. I see “Angel” every time I look at it. Including the first time. And I was so disappointed when I realized that’s not what it said. (The building is a church…)

  2. Angel, Angel? Or? Who can park there? Another wonderful observation by you Carin! I love the soft focus house and tree in the reflection against the straight lines of the brick and window.

    1. I took another shot, different ‘angll’ as it were, but it didn’t include the window. I agree, I like that contrast too, with the brick. Thanks, Allison!

  3. This is my favourite of all your wordless posts to date. I love everything, especially that it’s on a church and including the angll you took it at. For some reason this makes me think St John’s, Newfoundland, where we once saw a sign that said “This parking lot is monitored by video surveillance from time to time.”

    1. Your favourite? Well isn’t that something. I’m a sucker for a good sign, so I kind of love it myself. I may never spell the word any other way again. (Love the St. John’s one too. So honest, and probably no less effective than all-the-time surveillance.)

  4. The comments remind me of whatever pope it was who said “Not Angles but angels” on seeing some beautiful Anglo-Saxon children for sale in a slave market. And I love all the lines and patterns in the photo.

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