7 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. I sadly confess I don’t know shorthand (:) but I suspect what she is so sweetly writing is: Take back your mink; take back your pearls; what made you think that I was one of those girls… Yes?

  2. OMG, Greg or Pitman? Fifty years ago my shorthand won me a coveted job offer as court reporter straight out of high school. Turned it down … sounded so boring just sitting and staring at a pad and then creating transcripts. Still have the Pitman dictionary … but that’s all I remember.

    1. Pitman. And not mine. I never learned how but I did more or less invent my own version of fast-writing ‘shorthand’… readable only by me. (I’ve been told by the person who wrote this that it says: “We are here in a beautiful garden.”) Sounds like you count your blessings every time you think of turning down that job. (Are you still glad you did?)

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