3 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Oh what a wonderful piece of nostalgia Carin! Wherever did you find that? I used to love looking at the dates and figuring out how often the book went out. It’s kind of a little piece of art too!

    1. It’s actually at the back of the November, 1949, issue of National Geographic, which is hard cover and cloth bound. I have no idea where I got it, probably a second hand shop a trillion years ago. Amazing to think it was signed out this way, just like a book. I have a few oldies, library castoffs, with these sheets inside. I love how messy the stamps are and I remember watching the librarian stamp my books and thinking what a grand and powerful job that was…

  2. Time travel indeed! And it reminds me of the joy (yes real joy) of looking through card catalogues as well. The musty dusty smell, the excitement of pulling open those little drawers in search of whatever info-treasure one was looking for.
    I wonder what happened to all those drawer-cupboards, too. Wouldn’t one of them be ideal for keeping tiny things like, for example, the item above!!!

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