11 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Would this be “lavender” cider? Do we really want our cider to be aromatic? Is that why it has been discarded? Did the girl toss it for reasons of taste or her boyfriend’s questionable taste or..did they drink it, toss it, and…? As always Ms. Magtree leaves us with a question. This time a very aromatic one.

    1. We do not want our cider aromatic. And I for one would understand tossing of same, though I would suggest that even well-placed hot-headedness benefits from a quick search for an appropriate receptacle. (Granted, my version isn’t as interesting a story…)

    1. Junk?? [gasp] This is an empty can of apple cider on the beach in PEI… easily confused with litter-junk (and indeed I did pick it up and dispose of it) but I’ve since googled the company and I like that they have “earned a reputation for spreading joy and sunny togetherness where ever [their cider] is served.” (: (So, maybe happy junk… just when we thought it wasn’t possible.)

    1. Never fails to boggle my mind how someone can be somewhere beautiful (the assumption being they enjoy the beauty) and then just chuck a bit of debris.

  2. Ironic that some tosser has probably spent a bundle buying a designer drink and doesn’t have the brains to refrain from messing up the beautiful PEI beach. Aargh!

  3. We got some of that cider once, I’m not sure why unless perhaps it was the only kind available, and I have to say it was horrid. About the photo, how can a photo on this topic be so flipping beautiful? You’re like Edward Burtynsky on a micro level.

    1. As you know, schmutz catches my eye. And the thing that I like about photographing it… as I did with my abandoned couches series/exhibition… is exactly that, the weirdness of beauty, that juxtaposition of where I find it. (That Burtynsky even comes to mind is a huge compliment, thank you. BTW, he comes from St. Catharines, and so do I, co-oincidence?? Shmutzy origins?? haha!) (His work is breathtaking in scope, and the things he reveals, so important. Sometimes I almost want him to make the photos less beautiful though… not sure which would have the greater impact for change: ugliness or beauty. Either way, I believe it does make a drop of difference, all of it. Onward, art!)

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