9 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Oh my ..I am not sure whether this is sad or happy. The switch to “technicolour” viscerally reminds me of the moment in The Wizard of Oz (long memory!) when Dorothy finds she’s not in Kansas anymore … next up, ruby shoes. Ah, but here surely we have a sad tale, the rose abandoned and, if we looked higher on the tree, would we find a crossed-out heart?

    1. I didn’t look further up the tree, darn it. I’ll bet there IS a crossed-out heart. This is my take on the situation as well, B. Much as I’d like to think faeries were at work, I see an argument erupt mid-forest-walk. Hands un-entwine, the air turns slightly blue and the poor rose is dropped and stomped upon, followed by instructions to the rose-giver of where else this particular bloom might be put. Frankly, I’m proud of the stomper. I’m sure they had good reason, and their good nature had certainly been put to the test often enough… and just where does the rose-giver get off anyway thinking they can use flora to get away with bad behaviour??? Yay, I say! (So it IS a happy scene after all…)

  2. Happy for me Carin, because it looks like spring is slowly overtaking the scene, dead rose be damned. The rose is jarring – why is it there? Tossed aside by a jilted lover or simply abandoned in favour of finding a way to shimmy up that beautiful tree? Has the bearer of the rose emerged from the dark woods behind and seen better things ahead? – no need for a half-dead rose now!

  3. Sad. Perhaps a tribute to the forest, or a ‘sister’ tree cut down by man or storm? Or a favourite place where two hearts met but ended up broken? I love that the only colour in the image is the muted tones of the dying roses and, of course, the moss … I can ‘feel’ how spongy it is in this capture, Carin. Beautiful WW.

  4. Funny, I was sort of thinking happy because of the green moss and the forest and didn’t really stop to wonder how the rose got there. I love all of your stories about that anyway, and that. makes me happy!

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