8 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. Thank you! June is apparently bike month… so I thought this was a fine tribute. Though it’s an even finer permanent bike rack outside a library I’ve been spending some time in as I revise a few stories. A change of scene = tonic.

  1. That is the coolest bike rack! I love how creative people are – and love that you caught it at just the right angle. Black and white is the way to go too. And I agree with Barbara, you caught the rhythm of it.

    1. Well you are so clever. At first glance (glancing the thing in real life I mean) I thought it was a convention of uni-cyclists. (Just for the BRIEFEST moment you understand.) (:

  2. Cool sculpture, Carin. Love the black and white … takes a moment or two longer to realize they are not ready to roll. Do they also serve a practical purpose, like bike stands?

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