8 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. What a fine self portrait Carin! The tiny ice shards are sprinkled like an interior frame in and around you – I can imagine you delighting in the patterns and grabbing the camera to capture this wonderful artist’s statement produced by the most wonderful of artists – nature.

    1. Oh you smartie pants. You got it. That’s me in my pj’s taking a picture of Jack Frost’s handiwork. Was out feeding the birds when I saw it (frosted mirror in the garden) so ran back for the camera. (Was thinking someone might take me FOR Jack Frost… has anyone ever caught that guy on film?)

  2. “Oh PERFECT!” was my comment when I logged on. But what is that mysterious scene behind the frosty screen of lovely forms? I see Ms. AH says it’s a self portrait but I am not so sure. I see a bush where a head might be, I see fence posts, I see… Oh what do I see. This is as intriguing as those child-hood activity-book puzzles where animals and face-forms hide in plain sight in shrubs and trees. Anyway, I love this and it has kept me from “work” for many minutes, what a delight. :}

    1. I see what you see, B. But what you see isn’t there. Which says what about us?? (Especially me, as I know what it is.) I’m glad you found some fun in the optical illusion.

  3. I puzzled over it too. I thought it must be you, but I saw a woman in profile with long, wavy hair and a crown of flowers on her head, with some dangling down the side. Anyway, it’s beautiful!

    1. Ah, yes, that woman you saw is the woman I see myself as. Long billowing Godiva hair and a crown of buttercups and wood sorrel all wrapped in flannel pj’s and a parka. So you were not far off.

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