you say salon, i say pass the cheese ball

So I had a salon. In my living room. Which may be redundant.

Let’s just call it Writers in My Residence.
IMG_0102Bob Dylan came. He liked the samosas. IMG_0103I liked that I knew some people in six degrees of separation ways, but not really. It made for much to talk about. IMG_0104Sculptors and writers talking in the kitchen pleases me. IMG_0105Poets and painters talking in the front hall worries me. What are they plotting??? IMG_0106Here they are. Writers, artists of all stripes. Readers. Mostly readers. Word lovers. The best kinds of persons. Nestled in front of bright blue art by Rhonda Pearl.
IMG_0109Reading and listening. IMG_0110One reading is about Anne Wilkinson, a little known modernist poet who is now being more known through The Porcupine’s Quill ‘Essential Poet’s’ series and the good work of Ingrid Ruthig, editor of the The Essential Anne Wilkinson. IMG_0116Another reading is new fiction by Stuart Ross, followed by poetry from his new book Our Days in Vaudeville (Mansfield Press). Here, the omnipotent poet holds in his hand an errant firefly that had been terrorizing the living room for months.IMG_0118 We laughed.
IMG_0119 We were enraptured. (Enrapturized?)
IMG_0120We had food and drink and indoor sunshine.

Such is the power of words in enclosed spaces.

Big thanks to a beautiful bunch of participants for this beautiful night.


14 thoughts on “you say salon, i say pass the cheese ball

  1. Salon seems such a small word for such a big moment in time. A marvellous evening and such interesting company. Loved how we rolled words around in our minds, weighing them, exploring their echoes, then tasting them on the tongue when invited to read a line each from a Wilkinson poem. Now THAT was a bit of Ruthig genius, I must say.

    And if that wasn’t enough, add in Stu Ross to the mix and you have mind-bending wordplay and eyepokes of language and ideas. Fabulous.

    And Carin. You. You and lovely husband of yours. Making us all feel like this was just a wee gathering in your living room/salon/home — just a quick little “something” you tossed together like Kraft dinner when really, you were offering a grazing buffet. Which reminds me of all the delicious snackeroonies — savouries and sweets. Cider and wine. Tea.

    You say Salon. I say fantastic. And I also say: Thank you Carin and Peter.

    1. Ruth summed it up so beautifully. I cannot shape words as well as forms, so I will just say thank you, thank you, thank you for such an inspiring and thoughtful and educational evening. Vive le Salon!

      1. “I cannot shape words as well as forms…” Beautifully formed words!
        And you’re welcome, you’re welcome, you’re welcome… xoxo

  2. how fabulous. great cozy-looking event.

    and please tell me that you weren’t at Meet the Presses as well and we missed each other again?

    1. Thanks, yes, it was fun. And, no, I wasn’t at Meet the Presses, so thankfully we didn’t not meet again. Because that would have been silly.

  3. Carin, I can’t thank you enough for including me in this beautiful evening. Listening to the spoken word and sharing poetic reflections and interpretations was a truly rich experience. I’m reading poetry differently now and have even been inspired to write a piece.

    1. It was such a pleasure. I’m thrilled you could make it. (And you’ve written a poem! Lovely!) We really do need to do that hiking thing in the new year.

    1. It was such fun. Thank YOU for the beautiful reading, as well as the close read, of Anne Wilkinson’s work. It was my introduction to her, and possibly the same for a few others in the room. Hoping we can do something similar in the months ahead.

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