A strange conversation, recently overheard…

In a book store yet.


One woman to the other: I get fidgety if I sit too long.

The other agrees, says, yes, that she has friends who can read for hours;
she has no idea how they do it.

Exactly!  says the first. l mean, I Iike to read… but not for  hours.DSC02070

Another exchange, in the same shop, one that made more sense—

I ask the owner how many books he guesses he has in here. DSC02072

His answer: not enough.

Every day, he says, someone comes in and asks for something he doesn’t have.


We get that, right?

“Literature is my Utopia.” ~ Helen Keller

5 thoughts on “utopia

    1. One of those brilliant shops where the owner knows exactly where to find a certain obscure volume… among the impossible stacks!

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