15 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Ha, just on your way home from the bookstore and just had to stop for a chug out of that giant container of chocolate milk?! Too good to wait:)

    1. Good eye! Yes, worked up a thirst at the book store then went to the market for apples and cider but couldn’t wait to get to get to the car for a slurp. I was the envy of the parking lot! And anyway, it tastes better outside.

    1. I chopped off my head to up the mystery quotient but also because jug slurping in profile does no one any favours. Clever you to find the books. (:

  2. I knew it was cider. They make it like that in Nova Scotia too – thick and golden brown and, yes, almost chocolatey, but it would be some kind of tangy astringent extra virgin first flush single malt organic dark chocolate. Love what this image evokes – a morning at the market including not only the cider but a good (second hand?) book or two and some other treats or treasures.

    1. Ah, you got the ‘evoke’ just right. And, yes, amazing second hand book shop complete with disorganized chaos and places to sit (more milk crates than chairs…). Such treasures I’ve found there. On this day ‘The Agatha Christie Companion’… the scoop on all the stories, including some background on inspiration.

  3. Certainly an interesting shot … I’d have thought you were drinking chocolate milk too – I’m used to seeing cider as a pale amber drink!

    1. I just bought another jug, locally, and it’s much lighter. The stuff in the picture comes from Niagara. I wonder what makes the difference in colour. The apples used?

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