8 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. This says so much about so many things. “Aspiration” is the one that first comes to mind. I love how the net is just out of sight, how you have caught the lad literally flying in pursuit of it, how we know that if the ball does not plonk in this time it will next time…or next! Ah, but the beauty of the laddish young body too, so brown, so caught in the perfection of a youthful moment. And of course those WHITE shoes!
    A wonderful moment in summer, as fleeting in its own way as Cheryl’s Dragon fly.

    1. Yes, it’s about the ‘saying’ for me too. In light of everything just now, I can’t help thinking about the importance of what happens in someone’s young life, who are their influences, what values do they establish, have they been exposed to fairness? Such a big subject. I was trying to find something that at least hinted of all that. Not sure this hits the mark exactly… but I love your title: Aspiration. Says it all. (:

  2. What an exquisite action shot Carin – and a rather exquisite young body executing the shot too. I love the way the reflecting light outlines the body contours and bounces off the white shoes with the hands appearing to have their own source of light.

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