8 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. So that’s what layers of pure gold looks like… breathtaking image, all the more striking with the silhouette in the foreground.

    1. Gob-smackingly stunning in real life. The photo doesn’t do it justice. Taken in PEI last September; have never seen light like it before or since. Of course it lasted but a moment…

  2. Amazing! We had an extraordinary yellow sky here once – I’ll try to find the photo – but ours was more xanthic and menacing with grey clouds across it. Yours is all golden and “Bring me my spear! O clouds, unfold! Bring me my chariot of fire!”

    1. I just googled ‘yellow sky’ and it seems it’s a harbinger of stormy weather, but not in this case. As this was on PEI, I’m wondering if it’s more a thing in coastal areas generally. Cannot even begin to imagine it here. Yes, swords and chariots!

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