when it all becomes too much…

Make art.

DSC05676It’s a good day when you find a door on the sidewalk.

DSC05677 And the door has feelings.DSC05679This actually reads: “chalk art is meant…”

DSC05680 “to be destroyed.”

An artist statement that makes the artist all the more remarkable in my view. DSC05690 DSC05689 DSC05688 DSC05687 DSC05686 DSC05685 DSC05682 DSC05681 DSC05678 DSC05674 DSC05673DSC05691A couple of lads walked by as I was taking these shots and they were swaggering in that way that suggests they’re just too sexy for their shoes. Or something. Attitude. But the chalk art got to them. They looked, slowed down, forgot the swagger for a moment, almost cracked a smile. I caught their eye, said nifty noodles, eh? Or along those lines, small talk. Unable to speak in sentences perhaps, they made a sound, nodded, and kept going, with a bit less swagger in their step I thought.

Art has this effect.

DSC05684DSC05692 DSC05675


6 thoughts on “when it all becomes too much…

  1. I so enjoy the things you see and how you see them. Swagger-reduction influencer. Art-eyes catcher. Serendipity-making momentizer. :-)

    1. And I love the way you string words together that so easily slip off the tongue. Serendipity-making momentizer. Who can’t say that five times? Ten, twenty? (Also, if I can do even a dollop of good in the swagger reduction department, I’m in.) And, always always, thank you. (:

    1. Just took my nieces to see Mary Poppins, as a stage play, and I’m trying to link Bert to the chalk and can’t. What am I missing?? (:
      (Maybe some bit that’s not in the play??) Very curious!

      1. In the movie he draws on the pavement with chalk for the tourists, and it’s one of his chalk paintings that they jump into for their “jolly holiday” on the Merry-Go-Round horses. :)

        1. Hmm. I don’t remember that in the stage version. I’ll have to ask my nieces. Anyway, I love that it makes you think of Bert!

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