9 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

  1. Lovely, Carin! How amazing that you have this shot so similar to Allison’s. I can see why you had to share it today! Similar, but delightfully different too. This doesn’t convey the same summer heat as Allison’s — isn’t that interesting? But it’s no less appealing. What a pretty sun. Is the face made of glass? I think I can see the greenery through it.

    1. It lives in a bed of lily of the valley. And other wildness. Placed in a way that you can’t see it until you’re on top of it. Never fails to make me smile, and now even more so!

  2. That’s hilarious Carin! We have twin suns:) Love it. I agree with Allyson, yours conveys a coolness while mine speaks of hot.

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