13 thoughts on “wordless wednesday

    1. Well, let’s just say they’re *different* than the ones in BC… haha! The ‘winery’ that went with this vineyard was a tiny cabin-like structure in a field, and not open for any business that I could see. Would be interesting to know how much is locally grown and how much is made with grapes they have to ship in. Will consult with the resident Sommelier… (:

  1. I love PEI too Carin. Among other treasured memories, it’s where I learned to prepare mussels … the proper way. This sign is such a wonderful example of a the creative practicalities of that gorgeous little island.

    1. Yes, that’s it. I love this for its unassuming simplicity. Refreshing.

      As for mussels. Tell me, what is the proper way? Pen poised… taking notes. (I only know the proper way to eat them. Often.) (:

  2. I want to know the proper way too! As to eating them, a very cool girlfriend of our son’s in Paris (back when he was at the Sorbonne) assured us that using the shell of one mussel as “pinchers” to pluck out the flesh of the next mussel was the proper way. Hmmmm. Any opinions out there?
    The photo, yes, the photo, an excellent wordless shot, wordless in the manner of the likes of us at any rate and love it!

    1. Yes, I use that technique too… I call it a ‘picker’. Finding a good one to start with is essential! Sometimes I trade up as I get through them. (:
      About the preparation… all I know is that scrubbing and removing the ‘beards’ is important, so any and all inside info encouraged!

      What rendered me speechless, really, was that they grow grapes and make wine on PEI!

      1. They do in New Brunswick too but it is really “table wine” and I imagine it is in PEI too. I think Nova Scotia is about the limit for winemaking with any claim to seriousness. I love the sign though, and the wabi sabi vineyard.

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