today’s colour(s) — tiny island version

dsc00319Hanging out with the buoys.


dsc00310Street address as sculpture.




dsc00318French River.


dsc07367Too bad my suitcase wasn’t big enough.


dsc00256There is no reason NOT to paint your doorways green and purple.


dsc07366Hard to say goodbye to old friends with cute red wheels.


dsc07427Cabin art.


dsc00234Enlarge this to really revel in that blue blue…


dsc07369Again with the purple and green. An island thing? Can anyone explain?


dsc00313I don’t know that it’s possible to have lime green doors and be a pessimist, or even uncheerful.


dsc00255They could have painted this white but, cleverly, didn’t.


dsc00306Tables with view of post office. (Actually this is right next to the sweetest bookshop/cafe/bike shop just outside St. Peter’s.)


dsc00303Is laundry on a line not a thing to be besotted with?


dsc00316Too late. All gone.

More island colour here.

4 thoughts on “today’s colour(s) — tiny island version

  1. Wonderful, Carin. I’d love to see (or do) a photo essay about laundry hanging on lines. It truly is something to be besotted with. It appears to tell so much about both the hanger and the wearers of the laundry. Some hangers organize by type, by colour, by unconscious theme. Some hang randomly, reflecting either chaos or creativity, which, now that I mention it, are undoubtedly twin sisters. Secrets are revealed or hidden on laundry day. Questions are unfurled into the air.

    1. I agree, Leslie. I’ve got one brewing… gathering photos. I hope you will too! Would be wonderful to get various takes on it. My mother had a precise way of hanging things and she taught me her method which, of course, I thought was complete madness. Looking back it all makes sense. And the arrangements, yes! Who can pass a laundry line and not stop for a moment and study it…
      I could go on and on about this subject, ha! But maybe best to leave it there. For now. (:

  2. What I love about your photos is how you make me pay attention. I keep wondering what I haven’t seen since you see so much.
    My method for hanging out laundry–if it can be called a method–is his and mine. Because it’s easier for knowing whose dresser to dump it on when I bring it in.
    Does a lime green teapot count? Maybe not big enough.
    Thank you for these!

    1. Anything lime green I think. But there’s something about a door. Such a public statement. I’d love there to be a subsidy for people who are willing to paint their houses, front doors, garages, funky colours. (I love laundry ‘systems’ although I’m not sure I have one. A little haphazard. My mother would be appalled. She was a laundry line artiste.)

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